Horoscop urania berbec 18 january

Inner feeling of "flowering", of progress. Between January 1 4, after pm and the beginning of January 17, the desire for material stability, the need to consolidate their current lifestyle through austerity and cost-effectiveness.

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Possible short or long trips, which in rare cases take only a few days or more. During the entire week, natives receive an offer or the opportunity to deal with socio-professional concerns. Interest in learning, learning, refining, regardless of age. For some, the foreigner can work in greeting. The group of planets remains active at the House of Social Role and Rise of Ranking, suggesting blockages of the moment or older as a result of educational deficits or wrong options. The performance becomes more important for those approaching the age of fifty or sixty years.

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Between January 12, after and the evening of January 14, characterized by possible internal anxiety, stress, nervousness, insomnia, brain disorders, disorders of organ physiology in the anatomical region of the head. Older people can fight the "ghosts of the past".

Less logical spirited impulses. Between January 14, after pm and the dawn of January 17, it was a more moderate phase of challenges and physical demands. These are served just for fun.

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  8. Im going to have to ask you to leave. It started on the 6th of January with the partial sunset in Capricorn, which lasted 6 months and which we will gather in the summer when the next solar eclipse will occur in Capricorn.

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    The next eclipse will take place on 21 January for Europe and is a remarkable astral event from all angles. This moon is so special because it can only be seen 28 times in a century! No matter what it means, enjoy the visual spectacle of the cosmos in the hope that the night sky will be clear!

    URANISSIMA - Horoscop Urania Berbec - 22-28 ianuarie 2018

    Everything seems to be a cosmic ceremony, though conspiracy theories scare the world as soon as the bleeding moon reaches the end of the world or all sorts of dramatic events. On the contrary, it is not the case. The diarrhoea may be mixed with mucus, pus or blood.


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