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Mars is retrograde; by progression the quincunx perfects in the 9th year of life. A bit late in life perhaps, but at 8 years of age, still indicative of a definitive adventitious experience that precipitates or provokes emergence of what is latent. The rather amazing overall symmetry of the chart asks for the allowance. This centralization of Neptune by other measures increases its power in the chart, and a wider orb is not a flagrant disregard for a disciplined astrology.

I allow the wide orb with good reason. Both Mars and Saturn are brought to high power in this chart position within pattern and other related features , therefore merit wider orbs in any preliminary analysis provided the aspect in question may throw significant light on the interpretation.

Sun enters Scorpio

In comparing the chart to the life a luxury none of you have had I found that the Mars-Neptune quincunx which makes the yod allowable or not provides significant accurate information applicable to several areas of the life. It is true that allowing the yod the wide Mars-Neptune quincunx is not indispensable to proper interpretation of the chart.

However, I find that it offers significant substantiation and refinement of the other chart elements, and -- as a formation with the qualities and effects I described above -- provides an accurate and meaningful description of the life as lived. In this example chart, the yod is the central structural feature, and in the life this feature is clearly apparent, and central. Last edited by greybeard; at AM. If not done already, I recommend a midpoint analysis for any formation that resembles an isosceles triangle.

Yod in Astrology – A Karmic Pattern

It provides a different perspective and is intuitive. Last edited by! I mentioned the midpoint formation in the post. It is part and parcel of my working interpretation of this man's chart. It was not to the point as far as the original question about the "yod", so received no more than passing mention. All yods are also midpoint formations. These injuries have led to the formation of bone spurs which grate on the muscles and tendons at these points and result in chronic and constant severe pain from the irritation and apparently irremediable disintegration of the joints.

A prior logging accident damaged a knee, and similar spurs and arthritis are now setting in. With time I expect that there will be some atrophy of the muscles, from disuse. This man is not yet 40 years old and finds himself effectively barred from physical work even though he still has child-rearing obligations before him. He is uneducated and has always relied on work he can do with his hands. As foretold by the yod formation, " The formation creates disharmony and uneasiness in body, mind or both.

Now faced with this insurmountable obstacle inability to work and provide for his family by his accustomed means he must make major readjustments in his life. This situation may also provide the stimulus for putting spiritual precepts to work in his life, ultimately offering "salvation;" this remains "yet to be seen" because of deep and entrenched attitudes and the dependence on drugs. Personally, as a result of my own experiences, I am convinced that "psychological" and "spiritual" are virtually one and the same thing.

Certainly in this man's case, the path to healing is a spiritual one. Whether or not he will take that path is the question, which only he can answer. If he does not take that path, the life will end in ultimate failure and dissolution Neptune is the central figure in this chart. Originally Posted by! Of course, however, I was eluding to cases where it is determined that there is no yod due to orb issues.

Midpoints might still be highlighting the would-be apex. This is especially true if there are conjunctions around the triangle corners. I'm not sure if dhundhun and alice are referring to greybeards chart or the op. In regards to greybeards chart, this is the time period where the pandora shaped aspect pattern begins to form. The shape is characterized by 3 intertwined yods that form a trapeze with a minor grand trine "roof".

So, and I'm not sure if I'm phrasing this right, the yods will be applying or beginning to come together during this part of Oct in ' This aspect pattern lasts surprisingly long, which is interesting to see, if you go day by day to see how the planets move to keep the structure in shape.

I believe the pattern begins to unravel the 22nd of October. Do yall consider the Ascendant as a focal point for a yod as legitimate?

The Yod – Major Aspect Pattern

I posed this question a while back and most said no but one astrologer said yes it was a yod. I ask this because this set up is in my chart. I have neptune sextile pluto. Neptune and Pluto both quincunx my Ascendant.

YODs: An Explanation & Advice

But once they are in hand, he alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. Stay pure of heart and you will see the signs. Follow the signs, and you will find your destiny. I'd say its not a yod, because a configuration doesn't include axes such as the horizon or the lunar nodes. Neptune and Pluto both open the self to collective feeling, so your ascendant may need to accommodate such openness in some way if the orbs are quite tight.

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The sign of the ascendant and the general flavour of the chart will of course be relevant to how this plays out, as will the presence of other planets at the same degrees of other signs if they form aspects with Neptune, Pluto and the Ascendant. Hi Miquar! Uranus might even be in orb for it's midpoint as well, it is tightly conjunct DC.

Ascendant is Taurus. Originally Posted by princess valhalla. Last edited by StillOne; at PM. Neptune and Pluto have been in sextile since before I was born in Most astrologers do not include the angles, nodes and other axial points in formations. However, some do. The idea is that "bodies" participate in formations, abstract points do not And then, it is quite clear that aspects to the Ascendant are effective.

So waddaya wanna do? It's really up to you.

Aspect Patterns

Read the descriptions and comments about the yod and its effects in a life offered above. Do these descriptions seem to typify your life? If so, consider the yod effective; if not, otherwise. The Ascendant is the Point of Destiny -- it determines, or describes, in large part your life course.

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If this is true, then the pesky effects of a yod should be obvious in your life, or else the formation is not effective at the Ascendant. Also pertinent to your own horoscope Is this yod, if it is allowed, a central or highly emphasized feature of your chart?

Or is it of secondary importance in terms of the whole-chart? Most charts "speak" very clearly to you and will tell you what the important or predominant things are. Astrology is an art, and a discipline. When learning your way around the art, maintain discipline.

hardnecviha.tk Use what I, the World's Greatest Astrologer, say as guides to your study and practice, but not as graven in stone edicts that limit your thinking and growth. Think for yourself ; don't be afraid of that. Astrology is logical. The worst that can happen is you will make a mistake, and the World will stop spinning. The art of astrology must be governed by the science of astronomy.

Provided your thinking is logical and based on real facts the position of Saturn today, for example you will not go wrong.