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In those moments, own the power of your individuality; it's magical. Tune in to hear Amanda and Stormie's tips on how to make the most of this auspicious week ahead. Archetypal Astrology is a growing and evolving branch of astrology that focuses on the different and sometimes seemingly unrelated meanings of the planets, signs, and aspects. Astrologer Becca Tarnas brilliantly highlights this branch of astrology and so much more in this episode. If you have a love for this beautiful planet or a love for the expression of the soul through art and creativity, this episode is definitely for you!

The urge to take action and use all you've learned kicks off your week! Clogged communication lines begin to open up midweek. As the week draws to an end, a sense of euphoria surrounding certain areas of your life is more than likely, but keep your feet on the ground. There's a chance that an unexpected event could take you off guard. Tune in to Amanda and Stormie for tips on how to accept the blessings and heed warnings with grace and balance. Welcome to Astrology Hub's 52nd Podcast Episode!! Today's guest, Gary Caton, couldn't be more fitting for this occasion.

Gary has a deep understanding of hermetic philosophy, the tarot and also has an inspiring approach to astrological magic. All things we LOVE to talk about on this podcast! If you like to go deep into the philosophy behind astrology this episode is for you. Words and actions will have a lasting impact on Monday as the Messenger, Mercury, crosses the path of the Sun. Notice what steals your attention.

Tuesday's Full Moon will inspire you to reflect on your values. As this impactful week comes to a close, soak in the feels, then answer the urge to be recognized. Tune in to hear tips from Amanda and Stormie on how to make the most of this weeks life-changing cycles. In this episode, they will speak about the enchanting Venus Cycle that intimately touches your soul by bringing life-altering moments to fruition.

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And how seeking attunement with the cycle of Venus is an ancient, sacred right of passage that provides healing and empowerment. If you desire personal freedom, then you must consider the power and need for personal responsibility. Tuesday as Mars and Pluto square— it's best to not argue for the sake of arguing. As the workweek draws to an end, tap into your creative and spiritual power. By the end of the weekend, you'll be ready for the serious, forward-thinking conversations. Do Western Astrologers have a spiritual lineage? Does wisdom change with the evolution of human consciousness, or is it timeless?

How will the Astrological transits of impact us on a personal and collective scale? Adam certainly doesn't hold back as he skillfully speaks with me about each of these questions and so much more! Monday offers a supercharged unexpected new insight into matters of the heart. Forward-thinking rules midweek as you run with a fresh perspective.

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Scary news comes at the end of the week not really—but Happy Halloween! Mercury Stations retrograde, prepare to review the last month.

Uncut Astrology Weekly Horoscope: Mar 2-8 2016 Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces T-Square

It is time to go back so that you can to go forward. Embrace your optimism, but do not let it run away with you.

Solar eclipse of March 17, 1904

Everything is building into the epic year. Astrology Hub is proud to announce that Linda Byrd will be one of our featured Inner Circle Astrologers in and our guest on today's podcast. Get ready to write down tangible ideas that you can use during the last few weeks of this year to help take advantage of the rare opportunity that has in store for all of us.

We hope you enjoy her gentle wisdom. Honesty and an extra dose of bravery begin this week. The Sun in Scorpio will demand what's hidden to come to the surface.

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It's time to be open about how you feel despite the tension it will cause. Existing and new relationships will stir internal feelings that, in the end, will help you find the clarity you need. Today I'm excited to share with you an astrological perspective that is deeply rooted, Toltec astrology.

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In this episode, Sergio Magana covers the core importance that astrology carried for the Toltec culture. How the time you're born indicates your strengths, how important a name is, as well as insights on the Mayan Calendar. Tune in and gain a new perspective on an ancient practice that is still empowering people in our modern world. Ego and needed transformation collide as the week starts off! If you find yourself triggered, take the time to uncover the 'root' of why you feel this way.

Welcome the ripple of change this reflection brings. Finding middle ground as the weekend dawns will have you committing on a whole new level when it comes to relationships.

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Tune in to hear Amanda and Stormie's advice on what compromise is, and why it will and not work long term. Does your natal birth chart have a unique vibration?

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What harmonics are working through you in this life? These are key questions that Harmonic and Vibrational Astrologers are no longer asking, but beginning to answer within this emerging field of Astrology. Our guest today is Clarissa Dolphin, a certified Vibrational Astrologer. Tune in today to get some key insights into this fascinating, emerging branch of astrology. For links from this episode, visit astrologyhub. Relationships come to the forefront this week as Venus moves into the sensual waters of Scorpio. Expect opportunities to deepen commitments around what you value the most.

A fearless mindset will usher in a heightened excitement as the weekend Aries Full Moon approaches. Get ready to clear any emotional blocks you have. Doing so will invite a needed fresh start into your life. Seasons begin and end…but ALSO move in cycles - reminding us of the past as they move us forward. If you know the cycles, reading the "signs" of life becomes easier. Today on the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Adam Sommer and I speak about the cycles of planets and how they reveal key signatures in the unfolding story of your life.

You can expect a mixed bag of energetic shifts that will be hard to ignore this week!

The signature of this day is a clue to how the week will unfold. Mid-week, the God of Transformation, Pluto, is awakened from his retrograde state. Stay awake with him. Interested in exploring Pluto in your chart? Balance is the keyword of the week as Monday kicks off with the Equinox. Expect to see the world and the role you play in a completely new way by the end of the week.